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The What, Where, Why, When and How of Fantasy Decorating

What is Fantasy Decorating?

It is the transformation of your personal space into a style that you relate to and enjoy, more than the common, ordinary styles that are the usual fare of everyday life. No matter what variety of fantasy fiction you favor, you are part of a large group of people who are interested in fictional worlds, full of mystery, magic and adventure! No matter what “flavor you savor”, this group of people is almost a separate personality type. Call us Nerds or Geeks, we are artistic, creative people, and our interests mean a lot to us. This website is dedicated to the idea of adding fantasy to your real world decorating and realism to your fantasy style.

Where is Fantasy Decorating?

It occurs most frequently in descriptions in books, on movie sets, and sometimes in museums. Interestingly, fantasy does not necessarily mean fake. It means realistic rooms, created from fictional sources. The best movie sets are so realistic that you feel as if you have stepped into another dimension. Museums sometimes recreate rooms that “once were”; and sometimes can only create “what might have been” based on the information that they have. The effect is the same. Their sets are so evocative of other times, places, and worlds, that it is magical. The descriptions in books are often so vivid that you can see them in your mind’s eye, and all that is left to do is to bring what you see in your head into the real world. This is what we want to create in our own homes.

Why Fantasy Decorating?

There are several motivations for decorating in Fantasy Style. The first is to have rooms that are truly our own, and not a conglomeration of furniture and accessories “off the shelf” that anyone can buy. The second is the satisfaction of exercising our creative muscles, and making something ourselves that is unique and one of a kind. Thirdly, there is a phenomenon recognized by Metropolitan Home Magazine years ago, called “High Tech-High Touch.” They said that the more high tech our world becomes, the more people crave touchable things. The more we are surrounded by plastic, styrofoam, and poly-fill-in-the-blank things, the more we crave natural materials. The more soul-less our surroundings are, the more we feel drawn to old things that have a history, and show a little wear and tear and have a little soul of their own. It is odd, but Fantasy Decorating can seem more real than common everyday decorating.

The When of Fantasy Decorating.

Decorate in Fantasy Style whenever you can no longer stand plastic, particle board, polyester, and the things made from them, in your personal spaces. Decorate this way when you no longer feel at home, surrounded by the junk of modern life. Your personal spaces don’t have to look impersonal.

The How of Fantasy Decorating.

This is the best part. The how of Fantasy Decorating ties in nicely with our creative, crafty personalities. Most of the looks in the room examples are created using a wide variety of Do-It-Yourself projects and materials. It also ties in with the current trend of up-cycling, re-purposing, and re-using that is so popular right now. Using DIY techniques to re-imagine old furniture and accessories, and faux finishes, you can create one-of-a-kind rooms that will seem more real, in their own way, than the fake world outside. We are here to help.

Happy Crafting!

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