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You Might Be A Fantasy Decorating Nerd If…




You have at least one piece of LEGO furniture.









You think that it would be really cool to have crossed swords hanging over your bed. Or lightsabers. Or wands. Or maybe battle axes?






You are really into the idea of living in a castle….. Except for the bathrooms. They would definitely have to do something about the bathrooms.







You name your pet Bilbo, Dobby, or Kazzak. Or you name him Archimedes and call him Archie for short (thank you to S.M. for the idea).










Your wand and your sonic screwdriver compete for space on your shelves with your Magic cards, your goggles and your Star Wars action figures.






Your family is okay with your making wines, meads and ales, but they’re really not on board with your cooking in the fireplace!











You watch the background sets of movies more than the movies themselves. Example: Did you see those Medieval Unicorn tapestries on the walls of the Gryffindor Common Room?!?






You decorate your Christmas tree in the fandom of your choice.









Your bedroom door….

a) looks like a Tardis,

b) has a portrait of the Fat Lady in front of it, or

c) says “That’s my spot!”


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