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Introducing decorating for Lords, Ladies, Witches, Wizards and SteamPunkers alike!


tools of the fantasy decorating diy tradeIntroducing Fantasy Decorating DIY! We hope not only to introduce our concept to you, but to promote it and instruct you, the reader, in how to create fantasy rooms in your own home.

A little background information is in order. We are designers, decorators and craftspeople. We have never had high dollar clients or created décor for luxury settings. We have always believed in the three “Rs”- re-imagine, reinvent, re-purpose. If we can’t find what we want for a room, we make it by re-styling it, building it out of parts or by using something beyond its original purpose. We take pieces and parts that might otherwise be thrown out or over looked and “up-cycle” them into furnishings that we enjoy having and using.

We are also great fans of fantasy fiction and pop culture. We love stories inspired by Medieval times , magical books and movies like the Harry Potter series, and the “Victorian Futurism” of Steampunk.

We love it when all our interests intersect and combine. When you combine decorating and DIY projects with fantasy fiction you get…. Fantasy Decorating, or maybe DIY Steampunk décor, or Geek style. Whatever you call it, we feel that the three “Rs” are the best way to achieve the look.

We are here to add fantasy to your decorating and realism to your fantasy projects. We will also offer articles on such weighty subjects as how the people in the Middle Ages made ink and some hacks on how to make your own ink today. And what size is a number 2 pewter cauldron as specified by J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter series? How do you make a Steampunk-style tester bed out of pipes? We will conduct our own experiments and report back with our results. Along the way we will connect you to our favorite sources of supply and good ideas that we discover during our research.

We look forward to hearing back from our fellow geeks on all these subjects. We are neither a scholars nor experts. We are merely a quirky bunch of geeks who enjoy creating our own fantasy style the DIY way. We have noticed that our fellow fantasy geeks are a crafty bunch and that there are tons of good ideas out there so we hope to hear from you.