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The What, Where, Why, When and How of Fantasy Decorating

What is Fantasy Decorating?

It is the transformation of your personal space into a style that you relate to and enjoy, more than the common, ordinary styles that are the usual fare of everyday life. No matter what variety of fantasy fiction you favor, you are part of a large group of people who are interested in fictional worlds, full of mystery, magic and adventure! No matter what “flavor you savor”, this group of people is almost a separate personality type. Call us Nerds or Geeks, we are artistic, creative people, and our interests mean a lot to us. This website is dedicated to the idea of adding fantasy to your real world decorating and realism to your fantasy style.READ MORE

our fake, faux and fantasy butterfly

The Difference Between Fake, Faux and Fantasy

At first glance, “fake,” “faux,” and “fantasy” might seem like different words for the same thing. However, they are really quite different.

To us, fake means something mass produced, maybe using artificial materials and which may or may not look real. Fake implies a certain cheapness of production. Examples would be fake wood furniture where the surface peels off after a while, or fake stone where the design is repetitious and you can see the seams. Or laminate butcher block counter tops the picture wears off as the surface wears away. We think even real plastic is preferable to fake anything and that is saying something. We usually avoid plastic like the plague.


Yard Sale Signage: Make it Easier for Treasure Hunters!

Ah, Spring and Yard Sale Season is upon us.

As you all know by now making up-cycled, recycled, reclaimed, re-purposed and reinvented creations means that we need to keep a good selection of the raw materials on hand. And as we have said before yard sales, flea markets, estate sales and junk shops are our favorite places to hunt for the trash that we turn into treasure.READ MORE