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Yard Sale Signage: Make it Easier for Treasure Hunters!

Ah, Spring and Yard Sale Season is upon us.

As you all know by now making up-cycled, recycled, reclaimed, re-purposed and reinvented creations means that we need to keep a good selection of the raw materials on hand. And as we have said before yard sales, flea markets, estate sales and junk shops are our favorite places to hunt for the trash that we turn into treasure.READ MORE

methods of divination

Methods of Divination

Mankind has invented hundreds of divination methods: ways of seeing into the future or foretelling the future. The following list is a combination of the most well known, the least well known, and some that just sound very strange…..


Various Bottles

Keeping Everything Bottled Up (in a good way!)

Lets talk about bottles and jars. We like our home and furnishings to reflect our interests and personal sense of style. (Our sense of style being quirky at best on a good day.) That being said, we believe it is the details that create the whole. We have created bottles of potion to fill the shelves in our “Alchemist’s Workroom,” collected jars for our herbs and spices and created “preserved specimens” in the name of medieval science. We’ve paired the infusions, extractions and simple syrups that we have made for our own use with bottles we’ve selected as much for their style as their contents. We then labeled them to create a style that blends fact and fantasy and fits our sensibilities.READ MORE