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Making Vanilla Extract & Infusions (Vanilla Vodka)

Vanilla Vodka Ingredients
Both of these projects use vanilla beans. They demonstrate what can be done at home to make you own extracts and how to go about it.
Buy the best vanilla beans that you can find. Look for ones that are not too dried out or brittle. You want to be able to cut them open to expose the “caviar.” This refers to the seeds and the moisture surrounding them and that is what is going to flavor your creations.


We found a good source of Teas and Spices at PennDutch Tea & Spice Company in Fredericksburg, Va. You can also order good quality herbs, spices and teas from Mountain Rose Herbs.


No need to buy expensive flavored Vanilla Vodka at the Adult Beverage Company when you can get good results at home.
1 Qt. Ball jar
4-5 vanilla beans
1 750 ml bottle of good quality vodka
cutting board
coffee filter


Cut open the vanilla beans and place them in the quart Ball jar. Break them into small pieces if needed to get them into the jar. Pour the bottle of vodka over the vanilla beans and allow them to soak in a cool dark place for about 2 weeks shaking every day or so.
Place a funnel into the neck of the original vodka bottle and the strainer into the funnel. Put the coffee filter into the strainer. Carefully strain the vodka back into the bottle. Some people save the vanilla beans to flavor something else but you do get diminishing returns once the beans have been used once.



Cutting open the vanilla beans.

Vanilla Soaking

The soak!

Vanilla Pour Assembly

Getting ready to pour.

Vanilla Vodka Pour

Label your creation with a cool label and enjoy!Vanilla Vodka Final
The final result!


Creating the extract is not much different from creating the vanilla vodka; it just requires more vanilla bean in ratio to the alcohol and needs a bit longer to soak.
1 Pt. Ball jar
8 vanilla beans
8 oz good quality bourbon, vodka or even rum (I used bourbon in this case)
cutting board
coffee filter
8oz bottle with a top or cork


Slice the vanilla beans open and cut or break the beans into short sections.
Place them in the 8 oz. jar and fill the jar with the alcohol of your choice.
Cap the jar and give it a good shake.Store your extract in the making in a cool dark place and check on it every day or two,
shaking it each time. Store it for four to eight weeks.


Straining The Vanilla Extract


Once your extract has steeped long enough, strain it through a funnel into an 8 oz bottle. Label your creation with a cool label and enjoy!  It will be, as they say “good to the last drop.”


Final Vanilla Extract
If you enjoyed this project, you can find out more about herbal mixtures HERE, along with links to other similar projects. And we’ve got a whole post just on bottles and jars!

June 30, 2016



Vanilla bean Extract
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