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methods of divination

Methods of Divination

Mankind has invented hundreds of divination methods: ways of seeing into the future or foretelling the future. The following list is a combination of the most well known, the least well known, and some that just sound very strange…..


  • Cartomancy: by cards
  • Cephaleonomancy: by boiling a donkey’s head
  • Ceraunoscopy: by thunder and lightning
  • Ceromancy: by dripping wax into water
  • Choriomancy: by pig bladders
  • Chresmomancy: by the ravings of lunatics
  • Cryptomancy: by omens
  • Crystal Ball gazing: by seeing shapes in a crystal ball
  • Dendromancy: by trees. Yews, Oaks and Mistletoe considered especially significant
  • Deuteroscopy: by second glance or double-take
  • Dictiomancy: by randomly opening a dictionary
  • Dowsing: by using a stick to find water or respond to questions
  • Dreaming: by interpreting the contents of dreams
  • Dririmancy: by dripping blood (or Drimimancy –by (ahem) bodily fluids!)
  • Genethlialogy: by birth dates
  • Graphology: by studying handwriting
  • Hakata: by bones or dice
  • Hieromancy: by studying the entrails of sacrifices
  • Horoscopy: by studying the placement of the stars at a person’s birth
  • Hydatomancy: by rainwater
  • I Ching: by reading the patterns formed when a group of 50 sticks are thrown
  • Lampadomancy: by flame
  • Lithomancy: by gems or stones
  • Margaritomancy: by bouncing pearls
  • Necromancy: by speaking to the dead
  • Nephomancy by clouds
  • Numerology: by numbers
  • Ololygmancy: by the howling of dogs
  • Palmistry: by reading the lines on the palm of a person’s hand
  • Rune casting: By interpreting the runes on a set of stones that have been cast (Learn to make your own Rune stones here.)
  • Scarpomancy: by old shoes
  • Scatomancy: by excrement
  • Scrying: to look into a reflective object such as black glass, a dark mirror or water
  • Selenomancy: by the moon
  • Skatharomancy: by beetle tracks
  • Solarmancy: by the sun
  • Tasseography: by tea leaves (we have a fun DIY on this one!)
Source: Wikipedea
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