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Make Your Own Rune Stones

rune stones

There is too much to know about Rune stones to try to teach casting and reading the stones here. There are many books available on reading the runes. Just know that rune stones that you make yourself are every bit as meaningful as any stones that you might buy. You may even find that they work better for you than store bought stones as long as your heart is in the process.



  • 25 stones or pebbles
  • black marker
  • clear matte finish paint


You can download a free Rune font at Dan’s Fantasy Fonts for Windows at www.acondia.com/fonts. There is also a free font that looks correct HERE.


If you live by a stream you may be able to find stones that you can use there. Look for smooth oval stones that are all the same size and color. However, if you live in an urban area it would probably be easier to buy stones at the craft store. Look in the floral department for bags or jars of the stones used in floral arrangements. Look for a package of smooth rounded stones that are as much the same in shape and size as possible. You may have to buy more than one bag to get enough stones that are alike.


There are 25 stones in a set with 24 stones having a character or symbol on them and one blank stone. Choose 25 stones from the ones you have found or bought that are as similar as possible. In the spirit of making this quick & easy for you, we found a very helpful rune chart posted on DeviantArt (there’s also some great discussion there on looks and meanings if you don’t yet have a book.)

runes by dragonfang


Draw a different Rune on 24 of them making each symbol the same size. Let the markings dry just to be sure that they won’t smear when handled.
Spray lightly with clear matte finish paint to protect the symbols from wear.


You may also want to buy or make a cloth or bag to carry your stones in, but that’s another post. And if you’re curious about other methods of divination, here’s our list.


May 20, 2016



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