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Orange Spice Room Spray made with Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Orange Spice Room Spray

Commercially made room freshener sprays are full of harsh chemicals and can cause allergic reactions in some people. That and they can be cloyingly sweet or soapy smelling. It is one of our fundamental beliefs that homemade is better than store bought most of the time. Making our own scents lets us customize the scents we use and can be very inexpensive. Did you know that the Lady of a Medieval household was expected to know how to create many of the perfumes and cleaners used in the house? That is yet another fascinating subject we could pursue.

This Orange Spice Room Spray is similar to a scent once made by Ralph Lauren and is pleasant as a room spray year round, and when the holidays roll around it suddenly smells especially Christmas-y.

One of our favorite companies that sells essential oils, Mountain Rose Herbals, is in the picture. You can find them HERE.

1.5 oz. good quality vodka,
1.5 oz. distilled water,
12 drops sweet orange essential oil
12 drops lemon essential oil
4 drops cinnamon leaf essential oil
2 drops clove bud essential oil
2 drops star anise essential oil
2 drops cedar essential oil
2 drops sage essential oil


4 oz. spray bottle with fine mister
rubber gloves
small funnel


Some of us also have a hard time hitting the mouth of the bottle when trying to add drops of essential oil to the mix. This is where the small funnel comes in handy. Our tiny funnel came with a flask and they also make them for use with perfumes. Put the funnel in the mouth of the bottle and add all of the ingredients. That’s all there is to it. ┬áBe sure to label the bottle and add the instructions to shake well before using. Enjoy!

See our post about creating a suitable cabinet for storing your essential oils.


June 30, 2016



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