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ARCANACOPIA: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fantasy Decorating

We started this website to introduce people to the concept of do-it-yourself Fantasy Decorating and to announce our book on the subject. The working title is “ARCANACOPIA: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fantasy Decorating.”

Fantasy Decorating differs from usual decorating in that it is based on a person’s favorite genre or character. Whether you follow general categories such as Medieval or Steampunk or are into specific characters such as Harry Potter or Dr. Who, we have your style.

The other way that Fantasy Decorating differs from the sort of decorating shown in magazines and on television is that it emphasizes the do-it-yourself part. Most of what we illustrate is not available ready made or would be expensive if it were.

We have found that most followers of the popular fandoms are natural do-it-yourselfers who show their devotion by creating everything from food to clothing to furnishings so as to surround themselves with the world they love.

We have also found that many fans of pop culture follow more than one fandom and there are sites that have a great time combining fandoms. You see this at the various cons around the country. We have seen storm troopers conversing with elves at Comic-Con and have passed fairies at Ren Faires. Daniel Radcliffe himself was photographed speaking to a young fan while dressed as Boba Fett.

Our upcoming book is unique in that it gives instructions on how to create your own personal space in the style of your choice rather than dwell on clothing or food. We have done this by producing room sets based on a theme or character and then giving instructions on how to create the various components of the rooms yourself. The projects can be mixed and matched to create rooms customized to the individual.

Check back with us for blogs, do-it-yourself projects and news about the book.

The Aviatrix Steampunk Room


The Dragonologist’s Parlor


The Medieval Dining Hall


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